Kingbird Story

Our name is inspired by the Eastern Kingbird, a native of Washington D.C. With a dark gray chest and a white tip to the tail, this broad-shouldered bird appears to be wearing a business suit and his crown of brightly colored feathers is revealed only when he wants to impress a mate or intimidate an adversary. During the summer he enjoys the single life, flying after insects, but when he winters along the Amazon he is quite social and feasts lavishly on the exotic fruit of the southern hemisphere. We consider ourselves equally dapper, changing with the seasons, and catering to our guests’ lifestyle needs no matter what the day or occasion.


Our fresh, seasonal menu is a visit to the Mediterranean Riviera. Our expert culinary team embraces these flavors with elegant starter plates of eggplant "caviar" with olive oil, goat cheese and fresh basil and more. Main courses focus on grilled meats and fishes – lamb chops, ribeye, red snapper – paired with savory sauces and sides like potato puree or arugula salad with aged Parmigiano cheese.


We aim to indulge all of your senses at Kingbird. World-renowned designer Ron Arad has created a dramatic, yet warm and inviting space, perfectly complimenting the building’s original architecture. Kingbird was envisioned as an alluring destination for tables of two as well as groups of friends that gather for fine dining and lively conversation into the evening.

Our Menu