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Kindred Spirits Whisky Class

Date: Saturday, March 18, 2017 from 2-4pm.
A Whisky drinking, wisdom-gaining, St. Patrick's Day event for you and your friends! This Whisky basics class will teach beginners how to talk, enjoy and shop for Irish whisky. A selection of food and cordial chocolates included.
Cost: $40 / person. Tickets can be purchased here.

Watergate Whisky Wednesday

Watergate Whisky Wednesdays: The answer to "what are you drinking?" is rarest-of-them-all whiskies at cost every Wednesday from 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm. Bring your receipt to Kingbird  following the event for a complimentary appetizer while dining. 

Upcoming Whisky Wednesday Schedule: 3/8: Charbay Hop Flavored, 3/15: Connemara Cask Strength 15yr Irish Whisky, Tullamore Dew 15yr Old Trilogy Whisky

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