Chocolate Truffle making Classes with The Watergate Hotel

The Watergate Hotel and local DC chocolatier SPAGnVOLA partner to offer seasonal chocolate making class for every occasion.

We kicked off this year’s chocolate-making classes with Halloween truffles and this November will be offering a Fall harvest chocolate making class. In these classes, you will get the chance to create your own hand-made truffles with other chocolate enthusiasts.

Guided by an expert chocolatier from SPAGnVOLA, your truffles will be crafted from the finest cacao derived from their single-estate and hand-picked by farmers and then roasted in Maryland. This commitment to the ingredients and process is what makes SPAGnVOLA’s chocolate specifically designed with the customer in mind.

During our 2-hour classes, our instructors will share their passion for chocolate and knowledge of cacao growing, chocolate history, and truffle making. The classes include both the truffle making process and a box of completed seasonally decorated Truffles to take home. If fall isn’t your season we will also be having classes for the holiday season and Valentine’s Day.

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