Calling all Rosé Lovers

Back by popular demand! Rosé Party Nights on Kingbird Terrace. Don’t miss your chance to hang out on our terrace and drink unlimited Rosé and eat delicious small bites.

Give me the details! 

Where? Kingbird Terrace

What?  Bottomless Rosé, delicious light bites, cheese, and fresh bread

When? October 23rd & October 30th

Timing? 6 pm – 8 pm 

Price? $55

Ready to enjoy fall on the terrace with unlimited Rosé? Purchase your tickets here!

What is Rosé

This question comes up often while our guests are enjoying a crisp glass of Rosé at Kingbird and we are here to tell you, it’s NOT red and white wine mixed together. 

Rosé is made using red grape varietals, in fact, usually a mix of multiple different kinds. The difference is in the process of making the wine. To make Rosé red grapes are lightly crushed and left to macerate then depending on the winemaker they are left with the skin for anywhere from hours to multiple days. This monitored skin contact is what changes the flavor and causes the different shades of pink. 

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