Achieve your desired fitness goals without sacrifice.

We know that physical activity is a vital component of daily life, especially in between long flights and late nights. We recognize your need for a high-quality, well-equipped fitness space. No more fumbling for weights or buttons on outdated machines. Restore your energy effectively at Argentta, which is accessible to hotel guests as well as local members and their guests.

Visit the Juice Bar at Argentta Spa 

Allow us to improve your personal regimen with one-on-one strength training, coaching and lifestyle sessions to maximize results. We will a customize a program aimed at balancing physical strength with fortitude.

Whether you are looking for a new dynamic workout or want to find your inner Zen after a long day, Argentta offers fitness classes of the highest quality.

Master your bridge pose while enjoying views of the Arlington Memorial Bridge during sunset yoga. Click here for information on special fitness related events.